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Copy a dual-layer (DVD9) movie into one DVD5 with all the Special Features , Menus, Subtitles & Languages.
DVD to DVD copy directly, Clone DVD coming true.
Copy DVD to Hard Disk and burn it to DVD disc when you want to    watch it on TV . 
Best pictures as good as the origin DVD.
1:1 DVD Copy.
Support DVD9 and DVD 5 to one DVD Disc Copy.
Prestissimo Copy Engine inside !
Copy full DVD Disc (Menus,Subtitles,Languages)
Copy a full DVD disc within 30 minutes.

Super Clone DVD was designed to backup
your precious DVD without any quality loss

With the high speed DVD Copy Engine, Super Clone DVD has the abllity to backup your own DVD9 disc within 30 minutes for full disc copy ,and only 10-15 minutes for Main Movies Copy .

Remove region protection(Region-free) and Macrovision Protection. (Please make sure that you have the Copyright of the DVD,else you will meet some legal problem in some contry)
Copy DVD to Hard
DVD to DVD copy
Burn DVD Video
Best pictures
1:1 DVD Copy.
Support DVD9
Copy full DVD
Copy a full DVD
Duplicate DVD disc from a DVD disc directly,real 1:1 perfectly copy.
So that you can edit or play the dvd from HDD,and burn it to the DVD disc later as a DVD video disc.
You can duplicate the DVD or DVD disc which kept in DVD content folder to DVD disc,so that you can watch the DVD from a home DVD player.
Intel or AMD CPU with 400 MHz and MMX,
  or AMD CPU with 450 MHz and 3Dnow! or higher
32 MB system memory (64MB for Windows XP)
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